Top 5 Data Science Certification Programs Worth Considering

More and more companies have realized the importance of data analysis, data visualization, and other data science techniques. According to Glassdoor, there are more than 10,000 jobs in data science with salaries above $100000 annually. As of 2024, $99,842 is an average data science salary (source: PayScale). Data science certifications from reliable universities and learning platforms help develop hard-to-find skills and validate data science expertise to let recruiters know how they can benefit from hiring you. 

The following are the top 5 certification programs for students, beginners, and working professionals, seeking a career or uplift in the data science sector.  

  1. USDSI® Certifications

The United States Data Science Institute is a globally recognized institute committed to meeting the demand for data science professionals. The institute offers an array of data science certification programs that are recognized globally for being accepted by leading organizations and universities across the world. All programs are self-paced and include study material verified by industry experts. 

Best data science certifications offered by USDSI®  


  • The Certified Lead Data Scientist (CLDS™) program is best for professionals looking for impactful and demanded data architect and data scientist roles.
  • The program curriculum consists of all essential topics such as big data and data science, advanced big data analytics, containerization, IoT, RPA, Cloud, Machine Learning, etc.
  • There are 4 paths to apply for this program, covering work experience and mandatory qualifications.


  • Certified Data Science Professional (CDSP™) is a distinguished data science certification for diploma students, graduates, and undergraduates. It puts learners right at the center of the hiring process by helping them develop the relevant skills and knowledge. 
  • With this certification, you will learn the basics such as data science and its significance, database and data science, mathematics and statistics, data visualization and its libraries, Tableau, and more.
  • Anyone who has 0-2 years of work experience in any programming language and a bachelor’s or associate degree/diploma in any academic discipline can enroll in this program. 

A USDSI® certified professional can experience up to 40% salary increment in their current organization. Moreover, all certifications come with an easy renewal plan. Also, USDSI® provides discounts under the SuperEd program to support the skill development process. 

  1. SAS Certified Data Scientist 

SAS® Global Certification Program is designed to master the essential skills of programming languages and become a certified data scientist. SAS is the most trusted analytics platform in the world and offers the Certified Data Scientist certification to validate the knowledge about advanced programming, AI, advanced analytics, machine learning, and data curation.

  • The program teaches managing and improving data, programming skills, transforming and accessing data, use of data visualization tools, and data manipulation.
  • SAS credentials don’t expire.
  • Learners get several additional resources such as Certification Community and Certification Professional Directory to easily answer the questions in exams.
  • This course requires getting the Data Curation Professional or Advanced Programming professional certifications and then getting either AI & Machine Learning Professional or Advanced Analytics certifications.  
  1. TensorFlow Developer Certification 

This is among the top data science courses designed to test the basic level proficiency of a student, developer, or data scientist who wants to show practical machine learning skills by developing and training models using TensorFlow. 

  • The exam assesses the knowledge and ability to use machine learning for several applications and tools. 
  • When it comes to prerequisites, you need to be well-versed in deep learning foundational principles, machine learning, NLP (natural language processing) algorithms, deep neural networks, and image recognition algorithms. 
  • Credentials are valid for three years from the date the exam is cleared.
  1. Cloudera Data Platform Generalist Certification

CDP (Cloudera Data Platform) Generalist certification program verifies the broad and general proficiency of a candidate with CDP. 

  • The CDP Generalist exam applies to several roles such as data analyst, data scientist, developer, administrator, system architect, and data engineer. 
  • CDP certifications are valid just for two years. 
  • Exams are question-based and need to be completed in 90 minutes. Earned credentials are offered with digital badges to be easily socialized on professional forums. 
  1. Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)

It is a three-level independent global certification – starting as a certified data scientist, becoming a master certified data scientist, and emerging as a certified data scientist.

  • This is an experience-based certification with no examination or traditional training courses. 
  • It is the best data science certification available for data scientists and organizations to perform effective data analysis for the overall improvement of a business. 
  • Certifications are given after experience-based profile evaluation against specified requirements set by industry professionals within their discipline. 
  • Open Group has introduced a new Associate Data Scientist Credential for aspirants to start their career as professional data scientists. 

Wrapping Up

Completing online data science certifications offers the flexibility to learn new industry updates and practices at your own pace. The course provides knowledge and training based on recent industry and technological trends. Pursuing top certification while working can help show your commitment and dedication to learning. So, choose the right program after reviewing the course content, reading reviews, and checking the duration and fees. 

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