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6 Best Practices for Efficient AML Case Management 

The threats of financial crimes never end nor do the financial loss and fear of fines and case management sanctions for businesses associated with such crimes. The potential of these threats can be measured with these figures. Money laundering amounts to almost 2-5 % of global GDP. It shows how drastically this crime is taking its root in the financial system. 

The business landscape is evolving at a fast pace, a reliable and result-oriented anti-money laundering case management system is crucial to protect not only your business but also the global financial system. 

The financial institutions were the only way of laundering illegitimate earned money in the past. But now the world order has changed, and all businesses from industries to art and services-based companies could fall victim to this crime. Therefore, the implementation of an AML case management system is crucial for all industries.  

Many businesses across the world are being used for money laundering but they are not aware of it. However, if the regulatory body detects such crimes, you will have to bear the responsibility in the form of hefty fines or sanctions.  Therefore, all organizations must develop an internal investigation system that must comply with the AML regulations. 

What’s new about AML Case Management in 2024?

AML management system helps businesses particularly banks and financial institutions to monitor their client’s transaction movement, investigate them and report unusual customer transaction behavior. In the United States, the Bank Secrecy Act binds you to regulate your business to assess how its clients use financial services. The previous experiences show that it has helped companies stop money laundering and terror financing.  

6 Best practices For  AML Case management 

Every business is unique, as are the regulations of the country in which the business operates. However, the process remains the same and includes the following steps. 

  1. Screening  

AML case management starts with the screening of transactions. To make the screening process easy and smooth, you need to implement the detection rule in place.  It makes the screening process easy and helps examine the suspicious activities of any customer smoothly. 

For example:  the system detects any activity from or to regions or countries prone to money laundering and terror financing. This process allows businesses not to let the suspicious transaction go unnoticed.  

  1. Assessing the Level of Risk 

Once the screening process is completed and analysts have detected the suspicious activities of the customer. It then investigated whether the suspicious transaction helped the criminals to exploit the global financial system.  

This step includes a comprehensive investigation of the transaction and the customer’s background.  After thoroughly investigating the transaction history,  the assessment team determines the risk level it can pose to financial institutions.  

  1. Planning 

This step includes a comprehensive plan that includes the allocation of time and manpower to particular cases depending on the objectives and level of risk. The planning process must comply with AML regulations. The analysts can change the planning process if the case is high risk and needs urgency to resolve.  

  1. Implementing the Plan 

This step includes the execution of the plan. The clarity in the plan makes it easy for the team to execute it. The implementation process also includes letting the leadership know about the risk, making connections with relevant departments for error fear execution, generating reports, and recommending action against such criminal activities. Organizational support plays a vital role in the implementation of the plan.  

  1. Following-Up 

In the follow-up stage, the team checks the results of the implementation stage. It shows how the team has worked and how successful the plan has been. It also indicated the barriers that, if any cases, halt the successful implementation of the planning. It could be a lack of resources, systematic compliance failure, or other reasons.  

  1. Evaluation  

The last and final stage of this process solely focuses on getting the reviews not just from within the team but also from other teams. It is very helpful for the team to find the performance and compliance gaps.  

How AML Case Management software benefits businesses? 

Case management is a time-consuming task. It also needs you to allocate a lot of dedicated resources on it and still, there are high chances of human error. Contrary to this, the Automated and AI and ML integrated software, just like AML Watcher, makes the process easy and error-free.  This type of software easily manages and tracks suspicious activities and streamlines the process of reporting criminal activities following all necessary regulations. 

Here is why you need an AML case management system today!

Companies are faced with both the dynamic nature and core importance of AML regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations can cost you heavy fines or sanctions.  

USAA FAB is a case study for all financial institutions. It had failed to comply with its program with BSA regulations resulting in a 140 million civil fine from FinCen and the OCC. 

Companies need to regulate their AML case management program with AI-integrated AML software to reduce the chances of false positives.  AML watcher emerges as the reliable and best solution to counter challenges faced during case management. It helps your team detect and prevent financial crimes such as money laundering and terror financing.  

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