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Top 6 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress Websites

Are you struggling to get the most out of your WordPress website? It can be frustrating to know your Websites has potential but feels limited by its basic features. But worry not, as a carefully constructed toolkit can transform your site, enhancing its functionality and user experience. The best part is you don’t need a website development agency or advanced technical skills to download or use these tools. 

So, let’s discuss the top 6 must-have WordPress plugins that can streamline your workflow in this blog. 

1. UpdraftPlus

Thousands of websites get hacked daily, and considering WordPress powers a significant chunk, it becomes a prime target. That’s why the first essential WordPress plugin website development agencies recommend is so crucial—UpdraftPlus. It offers integration with various cloud storage options to secure your backups and allows for automated backups on a regular schedule. A recent backup can prevent major headaches, whether from a cyber attack, compatibility problem or when migrating your site. While there are many backup plugins available, few match the power and ease of use of UpdraftPlus. 

Key Features

– Manual or automatic backups of the website.

– Store your backups locally or in the cloud.

– Restore the site to a previous state.

2. Optimole websites

Images account for over 50% of the average web page’s size, so optimising them can significantly improve your site’s load times. Why is this crucial? Because if your site takes more than three seconds to load, the bounce rate can soar to 38%. Even more concerning, users may never return if they find your website’s performance subpar. So, Optimole is an important plugin to install if want high website performance. 

It streamlines the process by optimising every image you upload to WordPress, reducing its size. It also uses a cloud-based system to enhance your site’s speed. It also automatically detects screen sizes and resizes images to ensure a fast-loading, responsive experience for your users.

Key Features:

– Automatically compress your images.

– Optimize your JPEG and PNG images.

– Bulk optimize existing images.

– Resize images upon upload.

– Supports Retina and WebP images.

– Uses a global CDN.

– Compatible with modern page builders like Elementor.

3. Revive Old Post

Social media generates over 30% of referral traffic for most websites. If you’re not active on social media, you’re missing out on a huge potential audience. For context, around 2 billion users log into Facebook daily, and Twitter sees about 300 million daily logins. Each post on these platforms increases your chances of reaching even a small fraction of these users, making this plugin a valuable asset.

That’s why we included this next plugin in our list—Revive Old Post. It helps boost your website’s traffic by automatically sharing both new and old content on Twitter and Facebook.

Key Features

– Automatically share your new and old posts on Twitter and Facebook.

– Schedule your social media posts.

– Include links and hashtags.

4. Elementor

Elementor stands out as a top choice on our must-have WordPress plugins list. This visual page builder allows you to create unique designs for your pages without being tied to your current theme.

You don’t need to be a website development agency to add exciting features like background overlays, hover effects, animations, and more; it’s all achievable with a simple drag-and-drop interface. So, Elementor is perfect for anyone looking to design a stunning landing page for their business or customise parts of their website without the cost of hiring a developer.

Key Features:

– Choose from over 300 beautifully crafted templates in the Elementor library.

– Create compelling designs with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

– Build completely original designs for your website.

5. Redirection

When discussing must-have WordPress plugins, we can’t overlook Redirection—a powerful redirect manager most websites development agency recommends. 

Google and other search engines prioritise good user experience, and 404 or broken pages can significantly harm it. Even manually checking every post or page is impractical. So, installing the Redirection plugin provides a list of 404 pages, allowing you to easily enter the URL where you want to redirect visitors. Additionally, it helps track broken URLs on your site.

Key Features:

– Track all 4xx error pages.

– Easily set up page-level redirection.

6. MonsterInsights

Understanding your audience is crucial for growing your business. By analysing user behaviour on your websites, you can refine your marketing strategy to boost engagement and conversions. Website development agencies achieve this with the help of the MonsterInsights plugin. It integrates your WordPress site with Google Analytics, providing you with valuable data about your visitors—an indispensable part of SEO.

Key Features:

– Identify top-performing content and pinpoint pages needing improvement.

– Build an audience profile, including demographics, education, gender, age, and interests.

– Gain insights into visitor behaviour, such as how they find your site and how long they stay.

Final Words: 

Leveraging the right WordPress plugins can significantly enhance your website’s functionality, performance, and user experience. From optimising images and managing redirects to understanding audience behaviour and integrating social media, these must-have plugins provide essential tools to help your website thrive. 

For more professional advice, Make My Website, a 5-star websites development agency, can be your partner. Try connecting with its team and discuss your goals for better clarity. 

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