Title: Top 8 Towing Myths You’ve Been Believing – Busted!

When it comes to busting myths, everyone loves to see a well-established myth being busted. There are myths in almost every aspect of human life. We are going to debunk some top 8 myths in towing, as there are plenty of misconceptions in it.

Some of them are new and some are just generational. So, there will be a handful of hard knowledge here.

Everything which is mentioned in this post is courtesy of the professionalism of AAA Brisbane Towing, a well-known Tow Company Brisbane.

Join as we bust top 8 commonly held towing myth-conceptions:

.1.        Towing Damages Your Vehicle

One of the most common misconceptions around towing, is that it can damage your vehicle. While it can be true if you rely on unprofessional towing services.

In almost every region, one is not allow offering a tow without a license. So, towing professionals have to prove their skills to operate.

Not just that some vehicles don’t just require a professional driver, but, also some necessary equipment to provide a reliable tow.

Also, towing techniques changes from situation to situation. For instance, to prevent damage to tires and lower frame of the vehicle, a professional will go for flatbed towing.

In some cases, there is just wheel-lift towing required. In this, a vehicle is being lift either from the front or from the back, while having one side on the ground. If done correctly, there’ll be no damage to the vehicle, whatsoever.

.2.        Any Type of Tow Truck Can Tow Any Type of Vehicle

Like been said previous, towing techniques varies from situation to situation. Hence, the type of tow truck also varies from vehicle to vehicle.

In towing, a specific type of tow truck may not be appropriate for all type of vehicles.

To end this one quickly, imagine you are going to tow a motorcycle at a day and a Big SUV at another day, did you think that a professional towing company comes with a same truck. If they are professional!

If you think yes, then you are wrong. A professional towing company has a different flatbed truck for a motorcycle and different for a big SUV. Both are equipped with specific sort of equipment to manage a safe towing.

.3.        Towing Companies Are Only When Accident Occurs

Note, there are specific or additional license requires for towing companies to operate in accidental scenes, in some regions. But overall, towing companies offers an array of different services.

Many known towing companies can help you with any kind of breakdowns, they can help you tow your car to the nearest service station.

Moreover, towing companies can also help you with issues like key lockouts, flat tires, fuel delivery. Also, they can help you in transportation of your machinery, containers, and portable house or office.

.4.        It Can Be Cheaper If You Use Your Friend Truck

If you think that by borrowing a friend’s truck can help eliminate the need for a towing professional, then you are wrong.

It can make it much more expensive for you. How? In case, you got yourself in a problem while on road.

Also, it doesn’t mean you can actually tow a vehicle if you are a good driver or have a borrowed truck.

Being able to drive a truck or driving a truck with weigh on it, both are different things. Both requires different skill set.

Moreover, personal vehicles are not equipped with those needed towing equipment.

It may cause hazards, so, better to leave it to professionals.

.5.        Towing Is Not for Automatic Vehicles

It is safely possible to tow a car with an automatic transmission. But it requires certain techniques and experience.

Flatbed towing is the safest way to tow a car with automatic transmission.

.6.        Professional Towing Is Expensive

The end price of towing is calculated by the distance and type of vehicle. Also, it can vary upon the type of service needed. It can be different for breakdown towing and different for flat tire assistance.

Also, the price of towing varies from regions to regions.

For a recommendation, plan any of your towing with AAA Brisbane Towing, to have professional towing tailored to your requirements.

.7.        Towing Companies Are Always Late

No, this is not an entire case. The time it takes for a towing company to arrive at your location is dictated by a lot of factors.

It highly depends upon the location and traffic on the roads.

Hence, choose local tow companies, it will be much more responsive and efficient.

.8.        Tow Trucks Drives Are Immature

The drivers of tow trucks undergo rigorous training and spent a lot of time practicing various forms of towing.

Not just that, they are educated upon the topics of vehicle mechanics, towing techniques, and road laws and regulations.

Professional companies like AAA Brisbane Towing ensure that their drivers are certified and well-experienced.

.9.        Bonus Tip:

For much quicker and prompt towing services, call the local towing companies. They are much more aware of the road conditions and overall tactics for a tailored towing experience.

For Brisbane, AAA Brisbane Towing is the only option you need to get your towing done, no matter if it is car towing Brisbane, or if it is machinery transportation.

Just call and experience a revolutionary and Professional Towing Brisbane.

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