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The Process of USA Company Registration Explained

USA Company Registration


Entrepreneurship in the United States of America can be an interesting and lucrative prospect but it is imperative that one understand the procedures that go with company formation. In the following pages, you will be presented with the fundamental steps of company registration in USA, so that you can start your business in the best way possible.

Choosing a Business Structure

The initial stage in the USA company formation process is the decision on the most suitable legal type of enterprise. Some of the popular business structures are; Sole trader, Partnership, Limited Liability Companies/Companies (LLC/LLC), and Company. All such structures entail legal and taxes issues specific to each structure. For instance, an LLC has limited liability of a corporation without the bureaucratic structure that comes with it, thus preferred by most business people.

Selecting a Business Name

After getting the business structure in place, the next step is choosing your business name. This means that your business name must be distinctive and should not go against any of the naming laws in your state. Search for the name and try to verify that nobody has already adopted this name. To know if your preferred name is available you can search for it in the USPTO website and your state’s business name search registry.

Registering with the State

When you have finally chosen the name, you have to formally incorporate your business in the state you will be operating from. Requirements for registering businesses in different states differ, but normally, you will be required to submit documents like Articles of Incorporation in the case of corporations or Articles of Organization for LLCs. This step legalizes your business and makes it a formal company that is recognized by the law.

Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

An EIN is also known as a Federal Employer Identification Number or a Federal Tax Identification Number and is a legal requirement for the majority of employers in the USA. It is a number that will serve as the identifier for your company, similar to the SSN for people. The application for EIN is available on the Internal Revenue Service or IRS website. It is crucial for tax registration, recruitment of staff and other more essential activities like obtaining business bank accounts.

Complying with Local Licensing Requirements

Some of the licenses that you may need to acquire depend on your business type and the area of operation. Some of the permits and licenses that may be required are business licenses, health permits, zoning permits, and occupational licenses. It would be advisable to contact the specific city or county governments to find out their legislation for businesses.

Opening a Business Bank Account

After the registration of the business and obtaining your EIN, the next thing you need to do is to open a business account. A business account that is exclusive to the business is ideal because it reduces the chances of mixing business and personal affairs, which is legal and essential when dealing with taxes. Thirdly, it aids in establishing your business credit rating.

Maintaining Compliance

Once your company has been registered, there are certain legal requirements that you have to meet to operate legally at the federal, state, and local levels. This involves submitting the annual returns, paying taxes, getting new license and permits whenever necessary. It helps you keep your company in good standing and away from any legal entanglements or even lawsuits.


Registering a company in the USA is a process that comprises several significant steps, from the decision-making regarding the legal structure of the enterprise to the further adherence to the legal requirements. Following this guide, you can go through the steps of USA company registration with ease and ensure that the start of your business will be successful. When you are an investor from the USA or from other parts of the world who wants to venture into the country, it is important that you grasp these steps for a more streamlined process of company incorporation in the USA.

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