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Reasons Why Commercial Landscaping Needs Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is a suitable landscaping solution for commercial properties. Business owners and landscape professionals choose artificial turf over natural grass due to its ever-green appearance and minimal maintenance needs. Here are more reasons why landscapers work with artificial turf supply companies for their commercial projects: 

Reduced Maintenace Costs

Installing artificial grass on commercial properties eliminates the need for mowing, watering, and weeding, which are necessary with natural grass. Without these maintenance requirements, businesses do not need to hire lawn care companies, reducing overhead costs. Because artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered, businesses that install it reduce their water usage and minimize their utility bills. 

Artificial turf supply companies offer products that are easy to clean. Dirt and debris can be sprayed off with a hose. After windy weather or fall seasons, dead leaves and twigs can be removed by brushing the turf with a broom or going over it with a leaf blower. Maintaining the appearance of artificial grass comes with fewer expenses than natural grass, enhancing a business’s cost efficiency. 

Durable Landscaping Solution

Busy establishments may see a lot of foot traffic, which damages natural lawns over time. The material and construction of synthetic turf make it durable against heavy foot traffic. Even with customers walking on it daily, the synthetic turf maintains its lush appearance, reducing the need for frequent replacements. If flat spots develop on commercial turf, brushing it helps the fibers return to an upright position. UV-resistant turf products remain green in all seasons, enhancing the visual appeal of various establishments. 


Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf does not have bumps, providing a smooth and stable walking surface. Turf installers achieve this by excavating and leveling the ground before laying the grass. This reduces the risk of trips for customers with mobility issues or devices like canes and walkers. Customers with wheelchairs can move easily on artificial lawns, promoting the accessibility of commercial properties. 

Health and Safety

The smooth, bump-free surface of turf minimizes the risk of trip-and-fall injuries. If a customer trips and falls, the soft, thick surface of the artificial grass absorbs the impact of the fall, preventing severe injuries. Artificial grass is also hypo-allergenic because it deters pests and other allergens, protecting employees and customers from seasonal and contact allergies. Installing artificial grass eliminates the need to use lawn chemicals, which can be harmful to pets and small children. 

Better Use of Space

Installing artificial grass makes commercial spaces more functional. Because it does not need soil or natural conditions to grow, it can be placed in areas where natural grass would not thrive, like rooftops. Commercial property owners can transform these underutilized areas into comfortable gathering spaces using artificial grass. Adding more green spaces enhances the visual appeal of commercial properties, which may help attract more visitors. 

Reduced Disruption

The noises that come with mowing and maintaining a natural grass lawn may cause distractions in business environments. Activities like irrigation and lawn treatment may also make commercial spaces with natural grass unusable during the maintenance service. This disruption is inconvenient for establishments like parks, playgrounds, and event spaces that use their outdoor property for business purposes.

Installing artificial grass minimizes disruptions due to maintenance activities. If the turf needs to be cleaned, maintenance crews can brush or spray it in sections to avoid disrupting customers. Since no machines or harmful chemicals are used on artificial lawns, customers can use the space immediately after maintenance services. 

Get Artificial Turf Supply for Your Commercial Space

Artificial turf offers business owners significant advantages over natural grass. The turf has low maintenance requirements, saving your company time and resources. Synthetic turf can withstand the heavy foot traffic in commercial space and is weather resistant, allowing it to maintain a green appearance all year round. Contact an artificial turf supply and installation company today to learn more about creating a functional outdoor space for your business.

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